Overdrive cover

This is the shoot for the Overdrive Cover

I made a lot correction in a car. I change the color, contrast, hue and saturation as well. Increased the sky area, added the clouds. Applied the tone to all over the image. Its look fantastic in a layout.
Now have a look on the another cover image of the magazine. The image I got is not a cover image at all.
What’s required for cover…..?
Good looking product, sharp, proper lighting, good colors, enough image size, proper dimension and depth of field. When I receive this image, I search the above all needs, but I didn’t find any single, except new and exciting product.

I started working on details of the car, I manually gave dimensions to the car.I applied missing curvature and sharpness to the car. Then I removed the unwanted area from the back ground and replaced the sky, draw the road behind the main car & place the other rear shot of the same car.

Look at the Final output…..

Another Image

Before and after


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